Talking Cures and Shelter


The Goblin was born in the Black Medicine Coffee Company on the back of an envelope. It was Edinburgh, the summer of 2015. She grew up among notes reminding the morning shift how much milk to order and requesting time off.

She lit out 18 months later because reasons and things and
it was only after she left she realised just how many scraps of her heart she had carelessly lost there among the wood and the coffee grinds. And although you can't go home again (Ella Winter said is not, as you may have spent a large part of your adult life believing, a quote from the Wizard of Oz) you can write pretty letters to the place it used to be and feel a little less lost knowing there's a building somewhere where you temporarily felt found. 

Presently, if you visit the Medicine for coffee or a cake or because it has begun to rain you will find postcards for sale. For the Sheriff (proprieter and general good human) recycled these Goblin letters into things that you can buy to generate pennies that will help other humans.  

(These are just two of them...there are also some more)

(These are just two of them...there are also some more)

All postcard proceeds are currently being split between Ubuntu Women Shelter based in Glasgow and PF Counselling Service in Edinburgh. The first was chosen because we live a world of violent binaries and borders and spaces to shelter the most vulnerable women need to exist. The second because talking to someone is a subtle but powerful weapon in the fight against all your demons and PF try to make it accessible to those who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it.


The lessons are: Talk to someone. Build a shelter. Write love letters. Save lives.

Now to go back to watching a million Columbo reruns and listening to the rain...

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