Awoooo...Werewolves of London (and the World, Unite!)


This is the werewolf who lay on the floor while pressure of the storm that wouldn't break squeezed her skull like an egg it meant to crack. She got confused and made a lot of bad decisions and that night she couldn't sleep. 


This is the werewolf who watched thousands of people take to the streets to protest the Perpetrator in Chief's visit to her island. And while the anti-fascist balloon parade spilled up and down the city her government tried it's hardest to strike a deal with that same menace.

All tooth smiles, it desperately hacks at its bonds with Europe and we limp and bleed our way to a brighter future. And what of the wound reopened across Ireland's face? Cauterise it tight shut!  And what of the economic benefits? You won't ever feel them! And how will it all turn out? It's a terrible surprise! 


And these are the werewolves who, in a fit of rage, madness and song, tore apart the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy and ate it. 

It began to rain then and the pressure let up a little. Jaws and paws all wet with blood and water she climbed into bed in the small hours and fell asleep. 

Candice PurwinComment